14 Incredible Gift Ideas for New Moms

Becoming a new mother is an experience that changes a woman’s life. Suddenly she finds herself responsible for another human being. To make this job easy, there are a few essentials that one can consider. In these extremely stressful and uncertain times, a new Mom will appreciate and cherish luxurious and practical gifts- items that will save her time and money. Gifts for a new mom will also help her indulge in precious self-care moments. The new mother falls under the category of one of the busiest people. Therefore, she undoubtedly deserves meaningful gifts. Let us take a look at the best gifts for the new Mom.

Comfortable Lounge Wear

Whether she is on maternity leave, is a stay-at-home-mom, or juggling time between office work and the newest addition in their life, she has to step out of her home frequently. One new mom stated that she might be content with what she is wearing unless she has to go out. To her rescue comes maternity loungewear. It is cute enough for her to wear while receiving casual guests and comfy enough to feed the tiny human being while snuggling on the couch or in bed.

Gift Cards for Dine-in, Food Delivery or Takeout

One can choose these essentials as gifts for the new Mom. These gifts are also welcome throughout the little human’s first year. In some situations, moms of babies in the 6 to 12 months age group find it difficult to manage time. These moms who have little ones have to constantly adjust to a new normal life. Therefore, new moms will always cherish if you gift Prepaid Cards for Dine-in, Food Delivery or Takeout of meals once in a while or as and when it becomes really difficult for them.

Minimalistic Diaper Bag

A mother has to always keep her hands free so that she can hold, swaddle, wipe, and feed the new baby. She needs all the assistance to keep everything such as spare outfits, bottles, snacks, diapers, and toiletries organized properly. Therefore, anyone would covet a minimalistic diaper bag with features such as pockets and pouches for every essential item. Often, these diaper bags come with a mini changing mat to provide you with all the help with your little one.

Robotic Vacuum Cleaner

It is quite hard to carry a six-month-old on the hip and push around a vacuum cleaner simultaneously. Regardless of whether a kid loves the vacuum’s white noise, a new mom will never want to do it while the baby is taking the cherished nap. There are a lot of robotic vacuum cleaners available in the market nowadays. Though it might be a splurge, the start-it-and-forget-it cleaning equipment will undoubtedly be one of the best gifts for new moms.

Trendy Photo Gifts

Despite being a little old-fashioned, photo gifts are extremely classy these days. Unfortunately, not all new mothers have enough time to print their baby’s candid photos. Putting them together in a photo album is another chore. What you can do is give a keepsake or preload a digital photo frame with pictures from mom’s social media accounts. It is surprising how a sweet crib-side picture can encourage a tired mother through a soothing session when the baby just doesn’t doze off to sleep.

Postpartum Recovery Belt

The process of postpartum recovery can be quite difficult for new mothers. Post pregnancy belly flab sometimes leads to retention of pregnancy weight and cramps near the abdominal region. Belly binders and belts can deal with this pain and also speed up the healing process after a Cesarean section. These Postpartum Recovery Belts also help support your organs and muscles move back in their original place. A postpartum belly binder is a gift for new moms to provide them with the utmost comfort and care.

A Helping Hand

Keeping aside the tangible gifts, you can gift them a helping hand. It may be extremely thoughtful to offer a helping hand during the holidays or special occasions when time becomes specifically precious. They may assist you in washing dishes or doing laundry. Often, they bring over tools for repair work. Moreover, a helping hand will offer to mow the lawn or do a thorough cleaning of the oven, refrigerator, or bathtub, and other equipment.

Journals to guide the mother

During the early months of new motherhood, a mom can become overwhelmed with so many precious moments to jot down. A guided journal comes in handy to hold these precious memories forever. You can also consider gifting a book filled with envelopes and blank notes so that parents can write messages to their baby for reading afterwards. A new mom who received this as a gift mentions that the baby demands so much out of the parent that having something to remind them to take time out and write down the great things is huge.

Grocery deliveries

Busy moms will find it incredibly helpful if you gift them grocery items. What you can do is ask them for the groceries that they need. In the pandemic scenario, several grocery stores are now offering home delivery or curbside pick-up features. This will be a great gift if you are facing the unavailability of time as well. You can opt for online shopping and get the items delivered at the convenience of the new mom. In case you are not comfortable doing their grocery shopping, you can give them gift cards for shopping for groceries as well.

Cozy Footwear

If it is the middle of a harsh winter season, a new mama will crave warm woolly socks or cosy slippers. Even during the scorching summers, she may want some comfy footwear to provide relief to her sore, swollen feet. An inexpensive pair of slippers will work wonderfully to serve the purpose. For instance, a pair of the lovely woolly Glerups made in Denmark can help her feet adjust to a suitable temperature in all kinds of weather. These will certainly be one of the best gifts for new moms.

Stroller and Car Seat

Nobody will mention but a new mom does need a stroller so that she can move her baby from one point to the other. A travel system comes with an excessive amount of mileage. Suppose a mother is cruising around the city with the tiny human being in the backseat, all set to execute another errand and suddenly the baby dozes off. Instead of aborting her mission, she can take the help of a travel system to slide the little one’s car seat out of its base and quietly put it in place on the stroller in a few minutes.

Equipment to Feed the Baby

Be it feeding your baby formula or breastfeeding, a mother will certainly need some pieces of gear. A breastfeeding mom will need to invest in a nice breast pump and some bottles so that other people can help her while feeding the baby. On the other hand, families providing formula to their tiny ones will need bottles, cleaners, sanitisers, and nipples. You can also consider giving bibs, burp cloths, cotton cleaning clothes, and linens. Once the baby grows, the mom will require a high chair to keep the baby in an upright posture while feeding.

Basic Cleaning Gear for the Baby

Since a baby needs a good bath time and again, you might want to gift a small bathtub so that the baby smells clean and fresh. Apart from a basic baby bath, a new mom will love it if you gift her hygiene items. These may include cotton balls, baby shampoo, petroleum jelly, hooded baby towels, soft baby brushes, baby washcloths, and the list goes on. This will keep the baby in pink of health. What you must remember is the soaps and shampoos should specifically cater to babies and should be free of harmful chemicals.

Baby Toys

A baby might keep staring at the ceiling fan for hours instead of playing with the trinket you just purchased for her. However, new moms will find it extremely adorable if you gift toys for their babies. The reason behind this is that when the babies grow up, they will need toys to explore and play with. Toys for babies come in a variety of price ranges and you can find cute items for the baby almost everywhere. You can also help in stimulating the little minds with bright colours, music, and movement videos.

Be it a pretty gift wrapped up with a cute bow or a phone call or a visit, new moms will cherish all thoughtful acts. At times, the best gifts for new moms can turn out to be a great old pan of mac and cheese accompanied by lively evening conversations. It is unbelievable how this becomes extremely cherished with the arrival of the newest addition. The above-mentioned ideas are great to start with but your presence is what new moms need the most while you remind them that they have got this.

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