We are excited to welcome you to 9HappyMonths !

9HappyMonths, or 9HM as we are better known as, was born on May 7, 2016 when two close friends: Payel & Sonam, realized through their own first-hand experience that there are very few functionally useful, environmentally sustainable yet elegantly beautiful products that meet the unique needs of an expecting mother. This led us to embark on a journey that changed the way that expecting moms experience the nine months of pregnancy.

9HM Credo:

9 months of pregnancy is the most cherished time in the life of every woman. We exist to make this the happiest time of her life, generations over !

9HM Culture:

Our culture is at the heart of our success. We were conceived by two close friends, and every day we strive to add to this friendship circle. One that includes not only us, but also our proud customers and supplier partners. Together, let’s make this world a happier place.