9HappyMonths Maternity Capri – 100% Organic Cotton


9HappyMonths Maternity Yoga Capri is Pregnancy-safe, Hypoallergenic and 24×7 Comfortable

They are made from GOTS Certified 100% Organic Cotton. This scientifically chosen fabric-blend provides you the best stretchable comfort while retaining the safety of organic cotton.

These super-soft yoga capri are crafted by a Mom like you and tested for 24×7 wear, so go ahead enjoy the most enjoyable moments of your life.

What’s In:

* GOTS? Certified 100% Organic Cotton 

* Soft Over-the-Belly stretchable support 

* Multiple color options: Black, White, Grey Melange 

* Super-stretch and Ultra-soft fabric blend of organic cotton and Spandex 

* Ethically Made in India

* Lots of love

What’s Out

x Toxic chemicals 

x Harmful insecticides and pesticides 

x Chemical dyes and pigments 

x Itchy labels and uncomfortable tags