9happymonths Women’s Viscose Rayon Maternity Feeding Dress with Zippers


9HappyMonths Maternity Dress is made of soft premium quality viscose rayonand 24×7 Comfortable.

It is made from butterly soft viscose rayon. This is carefully designed to provide you the comfort and a stylish look. This most comfortable maternity nursing dress is crafted by a Mom like you and tested for 24×7 comfort, so go ahead enjoy the most enjoyable moments of your life.

What’s In:

* Premium quality Viscose Rayon

* Best quality Dual Concealed Vertical Zippers for easy access

* Multiple color options: Maroon, Blue, Brown, Yellow 

* Super-soft viscose rayon fabric

* Ethically Made in India

* Lots of love

What’s Out:

x Itchy labels and uncomfortable tags