11 Exercises to get rid of Pregnancy Stress

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When a woman is pregnant, it is always said that sleep is necessary to have a healthy mind and pregnancy. And, it is also advised that when you are feeling exhausted, and then you need to go to bed and take proper rest. After that you are done with your rest, avoid doing household work and let your family members look after your other things. Make a habit to get some time for yourself during the pregnancy days as this is good for you and the baby. Baby can easily hear your voice around 23 weeks of the pregnancy, and this is the time to spend time with your baby and do things together. This is the time to connect with your baby and feel good about the pregnancy days you are spending with your baby bump. But, everything is good if you are taking good care of your health and not stressing out during these pregnancy days, and feeling happy about giving new birth.

So, to help you out here are some of the necessary exercises that can be performed during pregnancy and will help you to avoid pregnancy stress. It is also advised to consult your gynaecologist about these exercises before trying any one of them. Therefore, sweat out your pregnancy stress with these exercises discussed below and make you feel the best.


This is one of the simplest exercises that every pregnant woman should do without even talking or consulting their doctor.  You have to get a pair of comfortable pair of shoes and plan your walking time and create a workout plan. In the workout plan, you can choose to schedule a walk from the first day of your pregnancy to the delivery week and relieve your stress and concentrate on your baby and happy pregnancy days. You can opt for brisk walking that gives the body a total workout feel and also is easy for joints and muscles.


Pilates exercise is one of the exercises that can be considered by the pregnant woman as it requires less force and benefits throughout the pregnancy days. The exercise provides strength and flexibility to the mind and body. Doing regular practice of Pilates helps in strengthening the muscles of the stomach and pelvic floor, reduces the back pain, and balance the walk with the baby bump. The Pilates exercise strains off the back and relaxes the breathing power of the body. All these are important while the pregnancy days and avoid more labor pain.


Swimming is considered one of the safest exercises during pregnancy days and needs to be done by every pregnant woman who is aware of swimming and knows how to perform it. But, we advise you to consider your doctor before choosing this exercise to burn out your pregnancy stress. Swimming helps the pregnant woman to get some relief from the later stages of pregnancy days as there is improvement in blood circulation. Despite the big baby bump, the water is the best thing to help you cope up with the stress during the pregnancy days. Swimming can be done by putting limbs in the water and pushing the fluids from tissues in the veins. These let your ankle get proper relief and avoid foot swelling.


If you are exercising for the first time, then as a pregnant woman you can choose group dance or aerobics as this helps you to lift your mood. You can also get the chance to meet other pregnant mothers during the session and connect with them and tell them about your feelings. Group dance or aerobics can raise the heart rate of the pregnant woman and make hormones flow easier. It is also necessary to feel conscious when there is an increase in the baby bump by avoiding high jumps and engaging in activities that require care and extra life balance.


Who said the pregnant woman could not cycle or whatever they want? Avoid this myth, and choose the exercise that you think is perfect for you. And, if you have done cycling in your past times and missed it in your period days, then here is a chance for you.  Indoor cycling, also known as spinning is one of the best and safest exercises during pregnancy days that a woman should opt for that can be done in the comfort of her home at her own speed. Indoor cycling provides you with minimum falling risk and no weight is put on the ankles as well as knee joints. You can also hire an instructor for doing indoor cycling and try to exercise according to the instructor that very well knows how to perform in every pregnancy week. Ask your instructor to set up a timetable of when to exercise and when to take proper rest.


The Lamaze technique or exercise is a childbirth technique that is popular in the country since the 1950s and now it has become a trendy method to get the proper knowledge about pregnancy, maternity, and birthing. The Lamaze technique is used to make the mothers confident about giving birth to their child and understand the pain during labor. Some classes helped to let the pregnant woman understand various relaxation methods and movements to cope with the pregnancy pain and other necessary things. Some of the techniques that are used are using a yoga ball, breathing, aromatherapy, hot packs, breastfeeding, and pushing that allows labor to start on its own.

Stair Climbers

Stair climbers and elliptical are considered as the best exercises during the pregnancy days for a woman. Adjust the speed as per your preference, incline, and get tension-free to feel comfortable while performing the exercise. Pregnant women must keep in mind that as the pregnancy processes; it is harder to be resistant. So, pay more attention to avoid any hurdles in the pregnancy.


Yoga and especially prenatal yoga is another ideal exercise for the mom-to-be out there. Yoga helps pregnant ladies to relax and focus on deep breathing. It also makes the body flexible to give birth to a new life. Choose to get a regular yoga instructor and ask them to modify poses that suit best you and are safe for you. Avoid doing deep backbends, full inversions such as hand and headstands because it pressurizes your flow of blood. Avoid performing hot Yoga as you cannot do exercises that heat you too much.

Tai Chi

Tai Chi is an ancient form of meditation that includes slow movements and allows pregnant ladies to strengthen their bodies. There is no risk of injury when performing this exercise to burn out your stress. So, if you are comfortable with meditation and have an experience of it, then it will be easy for you to choose Tai Chi during the pregnancy days. Browse through pregnancy-specified classes and get exercises that you know well and can do easily with proper precautions and balance.

High Intensity Interval Training Workout

This exercise is not for every expecting woman, so it is required to ask your practitioner or doctor to get a green light for the workout sessions. The high-intensity training workout includes hardcore moves that make your heart rate go up with some time for the rest. This type of exercise is considered intense for the ladies who are expecting their first child. You can choose to modify the classes with your trainer and try to avoid jumping and jarring movements during the pregnancy days. Stop the exercise as soon as you feel out of breath or exhausted and drink plenty of water.

Outdoor Sports

How can we forget outdoor sports for pregnant ladies? So, if you are an experienced athlete and know how to tackle outdoor sports, then you can choose to go out with your doctor’s approval and add these exercises listed below to your daily routine.

  • Horseback Riding: A pregnant woman can easily choose this outdoor sport in her early pregnancy days as long as her doctors say yes to it. But, this should be avoided in your later days due to unwanted balance issues.
  • Biking: If you are an outdoor cycler pregnant woman, then it is obvious that you sometimes want to go and ride your bike. For this, you need to talk to your doctor and ask whether it is safe to ride a bike during pregnancy or not and fulfill your dream of riding a bike during your special days.


So, these are some of the best exercises that pregnant women can choose when they are sitting idle at home and cope up with the unwanted stress. Choose one of the exercises that suit best your body and recommend it by your gynaecologist. And, if you have questions related to pregnancy and other stuff, then we are here to get you covered. Comment your question and we are here ready with your answer.

Have a happy and enjoyable pregnancy!!

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