After Honeymoon, its time for Babymoon

All of us know well about Honeymoon – the most coveted trip of a married couple just after they get married. Now there is a new trend in town- Babymoon. All would-be parents would know that their lives will change forever once the new bundle of joy come in their life. Life will be all about late nights of changing diapers and trying to make the new-born fall asleep so that you can catch some sleep. To prepare for the upcoming grueling task of managing a new life, many couples now undertake a pleasure trip before the baby is born. Once limited to only elite couples, Babymooning is now becoming a growing trend in India. It has become popular because most couple know it well that it will be the last trip alone where they can spend quality time with each other and it may be their only relaxing tour for the at least next 1 to 2 years.

Now for the  planning of Babymoon. We  list the top 5 tips to help you with your babymoon trip planning:

1. Second is the best choice:

Second trimester or the early third semester (13th to 28th week) is the best choice of for babymooning as it would be the most comfortable time to travel. Morning sickness will be a horrible tale of the past and the extreme laziness, breathlessness and big bump are still at a safe distance. So pack your bags and get ready to enjoy your babymoon.

2. Choose the right destination:

Though you can definitely choose any destination you like or on your checklist, I would suggest to do the following:

• Go to a place which you have visited in the past and want to go back again to. This way the place would not be totally unknown to you and the planning would also be easier

• Go to a nearby place either by road or by plane so that the journey is not tiring and you can enjoy the trip to its fullest

• Having said that don’t shy away from exotic locations if you keen on exploring a new location

3. How Long?

You can plan for a long weekend road trip or a multi-week foreign travel depending on your plan and budget. Many hotels and travel agencies have now started offering special babymooning packages. It will be wise to take a package so that all your travel nitty-gritties are taken care of by the travel agency so that you can relax and enjoy the trip.
My suggestion would be keep it not more than a week long, so that you can enjoy to your heart’s content but at the same time come back home not too tired.

4. Doctor knows the best:

Let your gynecologist know that you are on your babymoon trip and share the details of where and how are your travelling. Ask him/her for any specific advice which needs to be followed. Also make sure you inform and take permission from your doctor if you are planning to take a flight.

5. Be ahead of the time..always !

It is always better to be early and more so when you are travelling while pregnant

• Make sure you have done sufficient homework about the location if you are planning to go out of the country

• Though it may not be needed at all, however it is a good idea to keep a note of the hospital/doctor details of your destination.

• Also keep adequate supply of the medicines you need

Last by not the least- Babymooning is not limited to couples who are expecting for the first time. Couples who are planning for a baby for the second time also enjoy their Babymoon as they already know that tough days are coming.

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