Newborn Baby Care Essentials for Mom

It is the time to make your baby’s wardrobe and get the best newborn essentials because the joy of being a mother is unparalleled when compared to any other happiness. Having your small creation in your arms for 9 long months is a feeling that cannot be explained or changed.  But, sometimes in this great joy, we often forget about all the necessary things that are required for the baby after the pregnancy. This happens because of knowing what to buy for the baby and what to do. The pregnant woman also does not know how to take care of a newborn child and it can be a tough choice for them. So, here we are helping our new moms to organize things for their newborn baby and try to be the best mom.

There are some of the very essential products that are necessary for a newborn child to stay happy and healthy. The new environment can be different from your little one, so it is required to take care of it in the best possible ways. And, this is a very crucial point to be taken care of by the mom-to-be. If you are looking from where to start and what all should be taken, then here is a list of the best baby care essential items you need for your little newborn child. These are the essential items that will be with your child constantly and will help the child to grow with full joy and happiness. So, scroll down to read on and know all the necessary baby care items required for a newborn child that a mom should take care of.

Baby Wipes

Baby wipes are considered important for newborn babies as they are required to wipe out the cute and soft skin of your little one. The supple skin of the baby is cleaned using baby wipes that are not harmful to their body. Baby wipes are mainly required during the time of diaper changes or the summer season when the skin of the baby requires hydration. So, it is advised to new moms choose soft wipes for their baby rather than opting for strong scent wipes. Soft baby wipes are the best option for your baby’s skin to keep it healthy and smooth.

Baby Oil

Giving massage to the baby using baby oil is a generational process as our mothers have done it, and also our grandmothers did it to our parents. So, why not the new mommy gives massage to her newborn baby? Make the process of massaging your baby every day a routine and follow it. The massaging process is necessary for the overall development of the child as it helps to keep the skin sensitive and soft with full moisture. It also lets the muscles grow and enhance the physical growth of the baby. When selecting the baby oil for your child, do not compromise on it and select the best oil for your newborn and create the best moments with your child.

BABY Swaddle Cloth

Getting a swaddle cloth for the baby should not be forgotten when talking about baby care. To make your baby calm and comfortable, it is required to get a light swaddle cloth that does not let the baby’s body overheat. You can also buy a swaddle wrap that works as a towel to be used after your baby gets a bath. The swaddling cloth also avoids the risk of catching a cold to the baby as covering the baby with a dry swaddle is a good option.

Thermometer for the Baby

The bath time of the baby can be a memorable time to bond and enjoy for both the baby and the mother. So, for this, it is necessary to set the temperature of the water for the baby’s bath that should be favourable for the proper bathing of the child.

BABY Diapers

There are three necessary things for a baby- eat, sleep, and poop. Therefore, for newborns, good quality diapers are required for the overall health and well-being of the baby. A bad diaper should be avoided as it can cause odour, wetness, and discomfort to the baby. Check for three major qualities in the diapers that are how much it is absorbent, how soft the diaper is, and how it fits the baby. Choose pant-style diapers for the baby as they have good absorbent layers to soak the liquid effectively. The material of pant-style diapers is soft and breathable which provides proper care to the baby when they sleep or play. Choose the correct size according to the age and size of the baby for the perfect fit.

High Chair FOR BABY

A high chair is required for a baby when they grow and is important for the betterment in a handy manner. A high chair is necessary as it will help the baby to grow faster and learn to hold things faster with the fingers. You can keep the food easily on the tray table in front of your child and the food is easily eaten. High chairs are available in various types nowadays such as with adjustable height, recliner, footrest, and others. So, the parents of the newborn can choose the chair for their baby with the best modifications. It is advised for the parents to check the high chair before buying to avoid any risk of accidents.

BABY Stroller

During the pregnancy days, every parent dreams of taking a long walk with their tiny toddler out in the fresh air. So, for this get a stroller for your baby that can make this dream come true and give you the best moments with your little one. Choose a good and amazing stroller that has the best quality canopy that covers and protects the baby from direct sunlight. The stroller should have enough space for the baby with a safety harness that also protects the baby from accidents. A heat-absorbent stroller should be avoided as it can make the stroller warm and can cause discomfort to the newborn baby.

Skincare Products

The skin of a newborn child needs proper care and should be handled with proper love where a parent should not negotiate. Choose the right skincare products for the baby such as baby shampoo, baby soap, body lotion, baby powder, rash cream, and others to protect it from various allergies. It is very important to include these on your bucket list when going shopping for your baby. You can shop for baby products that are dermatologically tested, gentle on the skin of the baby, paediatrician approved, and without fragrance. Once you get all these things in the baby product, buy it from the market for your small newborn baby. Also, the parents should make sure that the products used should not dry the baby’s skin and no problem should be caused.

Comfortable Rompers and Onesies

A mother always wants that her baby should feel comfortable every time whether at home or any other place. So, for this, we suggest you invest money in buying comfortable rompers for your tiny baby that is made up of light material. Choose a romper that lets your child breathe properly and the baby remains cool and happy. Avoid buying expensive clothes as your baby will grow every coming week.

Feeding Essentials

Bringing the right bottles and sippers for your tiny one is a must when you are out for baby shopping. Also, do not forget to check the quality of the feeding products that matter a lot when feeding your baby. Sleek designs of the bottles and sippers can be added to the checklist that ranges from colour pop bibs to cute printed milk bottles. Food nibblers are also essential for your little one and should be added to the list of daily essentials.

Rockers or Rattles

Newborn babies always feel distracted and bored very easily so it is essential to keep them busy with some of the other things. This is the time where you can buy a rattle or rocker for your child that comes in handy. Parents can shop for a small and colourful unique-shaped rattle to let their children engage with it without getting bored. Rattles are considered a must-have for every newborn baby.

Cotton Clothes

Cotton clothes are considered one of the most important things in a baby’s wardrobe. This is because the skin of a baby could not handle any texture or type of clothing material. So, it is required to get 100% cotton clothes for your newborn as cotton is comfortable and provides a great fit for the child. And, also cotton clothes provide you with various varieties that let you not repeat the same designs or patterns.

So, this was all about baby essentials that every mother-to-be should know to have for their baby. These baby items will keep you stress-free and are your trustworthy companions until your child grows.

This article has been written by Himani Sharma and the opinions expressed herein are the author’s own and do not reflect the view of 9HappyMonths. You can contact the author at himani.sharma13.hs@gmail.com

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