Healthy Eating Practices for Pregnancy

A healthy practice of eating plays an immense role in pregnancy and should not be avoided by pregnant women. Healthy and safe food is required for both mother and the baby as they require good nutrition to maintain their health. But, as a pregnant woman, you have to take care of your health properly and take an ample amount of nutrients to start the practice of taking good nutrients every day. A woman should know the common values of good food and nutrition when she is pregnant and try to stick to a proper diet following core basics of food like balancing the variety of food and adding it to her eating habits. So, to help you more, here are some of the best suggestions that will help you select the best healthy food type to be healthy and strong and maintain the proper amount of weight during the pregnancy period.


Carbohydrates are considered the major source of energy that a human body requires and some of the items that provide carbohydrates are fruits, vegetables, dairy products, and grains. Dietary fibre is a type of nutrient that also provides a huge range of health benefits to people. And, for pregnant ladies, various carbohydrate foods must be included in breakfast such as bread, yoghurt, fruits, cereals, Indian bread, muffins, and many more.


When you are in the last 6 months of pregnancy, protein helps in the full growth of your baby. It also builds the muscles and tissues of the body during pregnancy days. The minimum requirement of protein for a pregnant lady is almost 70 grams and this also depends on the weight and activity level of the pregnant lady. Before taking proteins, it is necessary to talk to your doctor and consult them about the protein intake for the body. There are various protein-rich foods, and the best ones are eggs, dairy food, lentils, kidney beans, fish, oats, soya beans, beans, and others. So, there is a huge variety of products to choose from and keep you healthy by following a proper protein-rich diet.


Fats are essential for a good and healthy body of an individual. The nutrition provided by fats is called storage mediums for many vitamins. In the human body, dietary fat is also considered a vital source of energy that is in the form of carbohydrates and proteins. But, a human body does not build required fatty acids, so it becomes necessary to include food enriched with fatty acids in the diet as they are considered very important. For a pregnant woman, it becomes very essential to do so because it becomes necessary for the growth and development of the baby.  


In the human body, Iron provides better immunity and also grows metabolism, and develops the brain. Iron carries oxygen in the blood that supplies other necessary nutrients throughout the body, and extra blood is also generated for the baby. Some women do not get proper iron-enriched food that is very necessary for them during the pregnancy days. So, choose Iron and serve yourself food like meat, plant-based food, poultry food, and others. You can also have iron supplements after getting a proper consultation from your doctor and consume them in good quantity. Iron also helps a woman to sustain herself for normal delivery rather than choosing C-section delivery and avoid the pain.

Vitamin D

Vitamin D is again necessary for pregnant ladies to get the proper amount of nutrition in their bodies. So, make sunlight your primary source of vitamin D and make your body healthy and nutritious. Let your hands and face expose some time to the sunlight and intense it daily so that the body gets enough amount of Vitamin D. In pregnant ladies, severe deficiency of Vitamin D is seen, so it is recommended to take Vitamin D supplements or food enriched it Vitamin D to make the body healthy and active. It should be kept in mind that Vitamin D is a must for all pregnant women and it is necessary to add it to your daily diet. 


Calcium is necessary for all humans and especially for pregnant ladies. Calcium helps in developing bones and teeth stronger. Every pregnant lady should consume at least 1000 mg of calcium on daily basis from food or by taking supplements rich in calcium. It is important to give proper concentration on food that is rich in calcium as a woman could not get the required amount of calcium in their body. If you are someone who does not love drinking milk that is fully rich in calcium, then it is good to choose calcium supplements for your body that could be taken easily.

Folic Acid

Folic acid is a must-have pregnancy B vitamin that should be taken during pregnancy and even before and after the baby has arrived. Folic acids help in the development of red blood cells and produce them to help your baby develop a neural tube into a normal brain and spinal cord. The best foods that are enriched in folic acid are cereals, green vegetables, citrus fruits, and many more.

Taking all these nutrients in your food makes a pregnant woman happy and healthy. So, add this type of food to your daily diet and get the best out of the delicious enriched food for you and your baby.

Therefore, making smart choices for food will help you get a healthy pregnancy experience and a healthy baby. Below are some of the ideas that can be adapted during pregnancy by the ladies to stay strong.

Choosing the right amount of Calories

If you are pregnant, then you don’t need to food twice, both for you and your baby. Plan a diet chart to get the right amount of calories for your body. Here is a chart that can be followed during pregnancy and get the correct calories and be healthy.

  • In the first 12 weeks that is the first trimester, the pregnant woman doesn’t need to add calories to their diet.
  • During the second trimester of pregnancy, which is starting from the 13th week to the 26th week, 340 calories a day is required for the ladies who are pregnant.
  • In the last trimester or after 26 weeks, the pregnant women require 450 extra calories a day.

You are advised to ask your doctor or any consultant about how many calories to take during pregnancy. This will also help you to get the correct amount of food and avoid food that is not rich in nutrients.

Limit Caffeine and drinks with added Sugar

During pregnancy, the pregnant ladies must limit drinks enriched with caffeine and sugar. If you love to drink tea or coffee, then try to choose decaf. Do not add sugar to it and get unsweetened options for yourself and drink your favourite beverage. Try to drink water rather than drinks with added sugar like soda, fruit drinks, and energy drinks.

Avoid Alcohol

It is advised to pregnant ladies to avoid drinking alcohol during pregnancy as it is hazardous to both the mother and the baby. So, without waiting for any consult, stop alcohol as soon as you get to know that you are going to be a mom.

Get Seafood in your weekly diet

It is said that fish is good for pregnant ladies and their babies. So, it is the best idea to eat food rich in healthy fats and include a low amount of mercury in it. Some of the seafood items that are considered the best choice to be eaten during pregnancy are shad, shrimp, trout, and many more. You can easily eat 8 to 12 ounces of seafood a week for better development and growth of the pregnant lady and the baby.

Avoid eating raw food with Bacteria

Stay away from food such as raw or rare fish like sushi oysters, soft cheese, raw eggs, and other raw poultry items, prepared salads, raw sprouts, and unpasteurized juice or milk. These food items include bacteria that can hurt the baby and become a hindrance to the proper development of the baby.

These are some of the good habits that are to be followed during pregnancy to have a healthy body and mind. Be safe and happy during your pregnancy days by following all the tricks discussed above to get the best memories during pregnancy.

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