Ways to Declutter your Little One’s Room

You can organize your kid’s room just like the rest of your house. Be it toys or clothes or school papers, a kid’s room becomes quite messy time and again. You need to store and keep a record of a lot of stuff and this becomes subject to neglect once you get super occupied in your hectic daily life. However, it is essential to have an organized kid’s room to save a great deal of time. Moreover, you will not frequently lose shoes, socks, significant papers, and the like. Let us learn the process of organizing the kids’ room.

1. Organizing the Kids’ Bedroom

Do you want your child to have an extremely tidy and clean room? Surely, you do. Here is a guide to walk you through each component involved in the process.

  • Removing all the trash– Before you start organizing everything, you need to throw away all the trash, including any school papers, broken toys, and unwearable clothes that you do not wish to hoard. Then you can decide which stuff you need to keep or donate.
  • Sorting through the clothes– After you get rid of the trash, you need to go through all their clothes. You can create three piles for this. The ‘keep’ pile will contain the clothes your kid wears presently. You may want to donate those that do not fit your child or they do not want to wear. Clothes with a certain emotional value or those you wish to hand down to another kid can be put away.
  • Going through all the toys– It is another large project to sort all the toys. Encouraging your kid(s) to help you sort through the toys will make them learn how they can tidy their room themselves. It can be a teaching moment to understand how they can let go of uninteresting or broken stuff.
  • Organizing the books– Next, you should focus on your child(ren)’s books. Besides storing the books you currently have, keep a track of how much space is left for future books. Since the books should be protected from pests and accidents, you can store the precious ones in containers with lockable lids.
  • Pillaging loose papers– It is as if papers accumulate and grow like living things. Gathering up all the papers in the entire room needs to be done so that you can figure out what you want to keep if any. You may end up throwing away nearly each of these papers in all probability.
  • Creating memory boxes– While sorting all the books and papers, you might come across certain things that your kid is attached to. These are perhaps memorable items with deep emotional value. You can create a memory box and ask your child to put in whatever fits in the box like the art they create or the gifts they receive from family and friends.
  • Fixing broken furniture– Since you intend to keep only useful things in their room, your next focus should be the pieces of broken furniture. You need to replace or fix them as soon as possible. Furniture with extra storage capabilities can prove to be of much use in this case. You can consider ottomans that can contain toys, books, and shoes.
  • Deep cleaning– In addition to cleaning out from under the bed, dust the dressers and try not to store things on top of desks. You can follow the same sorting involving the processes of donating and storing like the other things. Thus, your little one’s room will be hygienic and spotless.
  • Setting up chores– To maintain cleanliness and organize the room, you can create maintenance chores for your child. What you can do is assign them to make the bed regularly. They can also be directed to arrange their clothes and toys. Discarding trash is another responsibility.

2. Long-term ways for keeping the room organized

It is a huge task to sort and organize the kids’ bedroom. Therefore, you will always want to keep it well-organized. Here is how you can go about it:

  • Setting up a reward system– You can reward your kids each time they do things to clean the room. The choice of rewards is entirely personal and depends on what is best for your family. It will also help you to encourage your child in setting expectations and developing new habits.
  • Maintaining storage systems– The second trick is to maintain storage systems consistently in your children’s room. They always tend to outgrow tubs or shelves. So, donating a lot of these things will help you to maintain the organized system in your kid’s room.

3. Storage solutions for Kid’s Room

Now let us take a look at a few ideas and inspiration to help you with storage as you clean and sort the room.

  • Budget– Essentially you should organize a kid’s room according to a budget. Upcycling and rearranging the room should not cost a fortune.
  • Closet– In case you are short of closet space, converting a bookcase into a closet can be helpful. You can easily hang up clothes and use baskets for other storage purposes.

4. Creating a Homework Station

If the room is clean and organized, your child will be able to think and focus better on their homework. You can create a little desk area for your kid if there is enough space in the room. Providing them with a dedicated homework station will enable them to finish their tasks quickly.

5. Establishing a Reading Corner

Your child needs to have a reading nook. It will not only inculcate a reading habit but also keep all the books together in a single place. To create a functional reading nook, you do not need to have a whole set of furniture or room. Beanbag, pillows, and a chair are sufficient for the place to read. Floating shelves and bookshelves can be used for storing books. You can also put in a tent for privacy and blankets for warmth.

6. Organizing a Bedroom for multiple children

While this can become quite difficult with two or more kids trying to store things in one space, we have some tips for you to keep it all organized.

  • Create space for each kid– The first step is to establish a specific area for each child to store their things. It is easy to divide the room if there are two children. For more than two kids sharing a room, you have to become a little creative. Providing floating shelves next to their bed will come in handy in storing books, electronics, and other personal items. Using hanging closet organizers, you will be able to divide the closet and hold more items as well.
  • Put away items not in use– While sorting their things, you need to remove every other item that they are not using at the moment. You can put them in boxes and store them in the hall closet or basement. It will allow more usable space and make things stress-free.

7. Storing Kids’ Clothes

It is a huge problem as they keep on accumulating a lot of clothes. In case your child owns too many clothes, trim the collection to an extent that can be managed. You can use the following ideas to go about storing or putting away their clothes.

  • Put closet rods in the reach of the kids– You need to lower the closet rods if your child is too short to reach them. Also, make it usable in such a way that the young ones can organize them on their own.
  • Label and divide drawers– If you label the drawers and dressers, your kids will easily remember where they can keep their clothes. To organize messy drawers, you can create DIY drawer dividers.

8. Ideas for storing your Kids’ Toys

You might have a tough time thinking about where to store all their toys. Be it loose LEGOs or any other item of play, you can follow these tips to store all their toys.

  • Stuffed animal toys– The space between the wall and a curtain rod is a great place to store these items. A classic storage idea is to purchase nets and hang them on the wall. You can also take a bean bag cover and put the plushes to create more sitting space.
  • LEGOs– You must store these in such a manner that they are off the floor. The easiest way out is to separate the blocks according to their colors and place them in plastic tubs.

9. Storing things under the bed

It is one of the best places to store things in your kid’s room. If you do not have a bed frame with drawers, you can raise it with risers and use tubs. You may want to store shoes, toys, accessories, memory boxes, extra blankets, and whatnot!

Thus, you are through with organizing your kids’ room. However, the preliminary criteria for them to become more organized is that you lead your kids by example. They will undoubtedly model your behaviour.

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