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Overweight can be defined as the high accumulation of fat on the body or high BMI (body mass index) than the optimal healthy BMI.  Being obese while pregnant can lead to complications for both you and your baby. The more overweight you are, the more likely you are to experience difficulties during your pregnancy. Hence […]


We are expecting a baby, the words are meaningful not only for the expecting parents but also for the grandparents, aunts, uncles, cousins, friends, and everyone else in the family. This good news is celebrated in a variety of ways, the most important and beautiful of which is the Baby Shower. In many cultures and […]

10 Best Nursing Tips to help New Mothers


When a mother feeds her baby directly from her breast, she is nursing her baby or breastfeeding. Gynaecologists and Paediatricians encourage new mothers to nurse or breastfeed their babies. Most mothers are also eager to do so. The new born also happily and easily latches onto the mother’s breast for nourishment and comfort. Medical experts […]

Feeding Schedule for Babies by Age

Repeat the cycle of feeding, sleeping, peeing, and pooping. On a new baby’s first day, these are the high points. Most of these questions and concerns about feeding your child will arise if you’re a new parent. What is the recommended amount of liquid for your baby? How do you feed a baby who is […]

Choosing between Breastfeeding & Pumping

Did you know that only 40% of babies under the age of six months can receive breastmilk from their mother through breastfeeding when they are born? What about the remaining 60% of infants? Where do they get their milk from? Pumping is one good option for such babies. Breastfeeding and pumping are both wonderful ways […]

Everything you Need to Know to Prepare for Baby 2

The love and happiness that come with your first child are immeasurable. It is the same case when you are expecting another baby. Preparing for this situation will be as special and rewarding as it was the first time. However, there are a few more things you need to consider as you wait for your […]

Ways to Declutter your Little One’s Room

You can organize your kid’s room just like the rest of your house. Be it toys or clothes or school papers, a kid’s room becomes quite messy time and again. You need to store and keep a record of a lot of stuff and this becomes subject to neglect once you get super occupied in […]

4 Powerful Strategies for Co-Parenting with an Ex


It is not at all easy to co-parent your kid after a divorce or separation. However, co-parenting is crucial to fulfil all your child’s requirements and provide them with the chance to maintain a strong bond with both parents. The quality of the co-parents’ relationship can affect the mental and emotional health of children to […]

4 Tips to Help Soon-to-be Dad

Dad to be

There is absolutely nothing to equip you with the challenges you are about to face in your journey of fatherhood. However, correct advice and support will prepare you to embark on this joy ride as a Dad. 1. Supporting your Partner through Pregnancy It is an extremely important job to support your partner during her […]

9 Essential Tips for Travelling with Newborn

Traveling with Newborn

If you used to love travelling before becoming a parent, you will definitely want to travel with your baby as well. However, you may brood over how fun or easy or fulfilling it will turn out to be while travelling with your baby. Often, unavoidable situations like a destination wedding, an illness, or a sad […]