5 Tips to select right maternity clothes

Shopping for maternity clothes can be an exhilarating task only if you are equipped with the right knowledge. Here are the top 5 tips for selecting the right maternity clothes which you can wear with confidence and comfort:

1. Use your current clothes
• Your current clothes can be used till you are in second trimester (for single pregnancy)
• You can try your spouse’s clothes if they are larger in size

2. One size to rule them all
• The size of your post pregnancy cloth will remain same as your pre-pregnancy size e.g. if you are using M size of clothes before pregnancy, the sizes of your post pregnancy clothes will be of size M only.
• Always buy a size larger if you are in doubt.

3. Try before you buy
• You can ask for “prosthetic tummy” to check the fit of the cloth you are trying.
• Prosthetic tummy are silicone made artificial pregnancy bellies which can be used to check the size you will reach in month 8-9

4. Band them together
• Use belly bands or elastic waist bands specially designed for pregnant women. It will help you to wear unbuttoned pants or skirts by covering the buttons and zips and holding the pant or skirt at the desired place. It can be made glamorous by making a peek through layered look or it can be hidden under the top.

5. The ultimate tip
• Buy regular clothes one or two sizes larger than your current regular size, and use them throughout your pregnancy. Added advantage, these pieces can be useful even after your pregnancy when your body has yet to get back to its pre-baby size.
Also you can try borrowing clothes from your friends and family members who has recently undergone pregnancy and wear similar size clothes

Last but not the least, you can get ‘maternity-specific’ tops, dresses, gowns, leggings, trousers and even jeans at your nearest shop.

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