Do you need to eat for two during Pregnancy?

Have you ever heard from relatives that a pregnant mother has to eat for two? If yes, then you are not alone. I was always reminded of this myth every now and then.

My relatives (especially aunts and neighbors) always pestered me that I should eat for two: myself and the unborn baby. It is then that I decided to explore this in detail.

Many reliable sources pointed out that “eating for two” is a myth. In reality the energy requirement during pregnancy increases only by about 10% during the entire nine months of pregnancy. This means that an extra 200-250 calories per day would be sufficient for you. Moreover, this extra calorie requirement is more needed in the last trimester of pregnancy. So no increase of energy intake during the first trimester, if you have normal body mass index.

If you end up having a lot of calories, you will gain more weight than is advisable. Putting up extra weight can be harmful for both the expecting mother and baby. This also increases the risk of having miscarriage and adverse conditions such as gestational diabetes and high BP.

It is the quality of food that you have, more than the quantity that determines your health during pregnancy and the growth of your baby. So, eat healthy for a happy pregnancy !

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